Parcel 101 Series

Green Mountain Technology's Parcel 101 Series is an educational collection of short videos around essential topics in the parcel marketplace.


Parcel Spend Management


What is Parcel Spend Management (PSM) and why is it vital for today's parcel shipper? GMT's COO, Mike Lambert, shares details.

Carrier Contract Strategy


What is the most important thing to consider in your carrier contract strategy? What tools or analysis is vital in the RFP process? GMT's Director of Strategic Solutions, Rick Miller shares his thoughts.

Omnichannel Strategy


What are the most effective omnichannel strategies shippers are leveraging today? GMT's Director of Strategic Solutions, Katie Parker, shares why omnichannel is important for today's shipper and how the best shippers are leveraging it.

A Best-in-Class Audit


What are the components of a best-in-class parcel audit? GMT's VP of Operations, Gwen Rhines, shares the components that are needed for a best-in-class audit and how it sets the stage for Parcel Spend Management.

Parcel Reporting Best Practices


Parcel reports are essential to turn data into valuable, actionable information. GMT's Director of Strategic Accounts, Kim Morgan, shares best practices when leveraging reports in your parcel network.

Cost Allocation


What are the best practices regarding cost allocation in large parcel networks? GMT's Director of Strategic Accounts, Jon Sharp, explains cost allocation and why an automated solution is vital.

Mitigating Parcel Costs


What are the main components that drive parcel costs and how can it be mitigated? GMT's Business Solutions Engineer, Emily Ball, shares a few examples of common strategies GMT customers are using to mitigate parcel costs.

Fulfillment Challenges


GMT's Director of Strategic Solutions, Aaron Guild, talks about the most critical component of fulfillment that shippers have to consider when creating their parcel strategy.

Parcel Brand Strategy


GMT's Strategic Solutions Engineer, Matt Weickert, discusses brand strategy from a parcel perspective.